Eye of the Tiger

So the next 7-10 days promise to be grueling, interesting, fun and challenging. I guess I’ll blog about them when they’re all done, cause they stacked up on us really fast and we’ve barely had time to think.
The kids off are off to Nic’s parent’s and I’m packing us up for a weekend of camping. We’re leaving bright and early tomorrow, with barely time to breathe in between activities! At least we’re ending the summer with a bang!
While we’re gone, here’s a cute song parody that those of us of a more geeky persuasion might enjoy. Some choice lyrics (to the tune of Eye of the Tiger)…

Motherboard mounts in the case
I put in two brand new hard drives
Don’t have to wait, ’cause they’re both solid state
Add two more, now that’s four, in RAID 5

But I still need the drivers or those hard disks won’t write
Without them, this whole project’s looking dire
I’ve installed several RAM sticks and the optical drive
But they won’t do me much good without
Vista drivers

One thought on “Eye of the Tiger

  1. Funny, although I am appalled at the lack of geek knowledge of the writer…Hard drives, optical drives and RAM are pretty much the only part of a computer that DO NOT require drivers!

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