I've been having really weird dreams lately

There’s too much going on not too blog, but too much of it is unbloggable. Here’s some little crumbs, just for the sake of having something recorded…
– I re-found a half dozen or more people from the high school I went to in Germany on Facebook. This has led to a few good conversations, some joy and not a small amount of consternation.
– This weekend we’re heading up to cottage country. We’re bringing the kids, and we’re bringing the kids’ babysitter and her sister. This is because we want a vacation ourselves. Our two guests are part of a wonderful family who have become very dear friends.
– We got to Skype with Elisabeth in Jamaica, and briefly see the team in the background. Technology has changed a lot since the last Jamaica team we sent out!
– Windows 7 is really, really good… I wonder what the weather is like in Washington.

One thought on “I've been having really weird dreams lately

  1. Actually, Seattle and Albany “swapped” weather this summer. Albany was cold and rainy, Seattle was 90 degrees…

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