Rainiest Summer Ever

So we both turned 29, and we finally got around to celebrating this past weekend. We used the night’s stay in a “Jacuzzi Suite” that we won at the Jamaica fund raiser, Nic’s parent’s bought us dinner and a movie, and my mom stayed with the kids. We only went 20 minutes down the highway from home, but it was nice to pretend we were getting away. We ate a huge meal, watched a chick flick, and enjoyed our luxury accommodations — including sleeping in until almost 8:30!
We put mom back on a plane for Asia bright and early this morning. Ben said “Bye, Granna!” but seemed pretty confused about where she was going. We explained that she’d be on a plane, and that sounded pretty good to him.
At this point, neither Ben nor Abi will be getting on a plane any time soon. Their citizenship paperwork continues to be inexplicably delayed. When we call in, they can give us no information save that it’s “processing.” Its been “processing” for 16 months now, even though the longest it should have taken was 10. In a few short weeks, they’ll be passed the grace period on health coverage that they were given when they got here.
Nicole’s visiting our local MPs office today, to try and get things moving again. For all we know, someone accidentally shredded our paperwork and they’ve spent the last year taping it back together… what else could take so long?
The Jamaica team leaves on Saturday. We’d, of course, love to be going with them. There are few things more exciting in life than watching people on their first missions trip. But we’ll have to be content with sending them out with our prayers. We can’t wait to hear all about it when they return.
Just under two weeks until our cottage get-away!

One thought on “Rainiest Summer Ever

  1. On this end it was good to get ‘mom’ back. We both had a terrific time back in Canada seeing everyone, and we do thank you all for being so hospitable. We especially appreciate the loan of your car that made it possible for us to get around while we were home.
    Take care and we will see you all in another year from now.

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