Pretty sure I could listen to Live's Throwing Copper album all weekend

Thankfully this weekend will be nothing like last!
Tonite, what’s left of our Life Group (that would be Nicole and I) are meeting another Life Group to throw a Wii party at a local youth drop-in center, at the end of which we’re donating a Wii. Its part of an annual initiative our church does to be a blessing to the community we’re in, and demonstrate Christ-like love. I couldn’t be more proud of our congregation for doing it.
We had big hopes when things we’re starting up for the year, but our Life Group has been the casualty of conflicting schedules and general complacency, so that’s been a bit discouraging. Other groups have fared better (and have been going longer) and did things like painting and refurbishing a pregnancy support center, cleaning and gardening at a home for dying cancer patients, and lending a hand at the food bank.
If all churches who claimed Christ did something like this once a year (or even better, did it all year) I imagine Christianity in general would have a better reputation.
Tomorrow we’re connecting with family for various activities. I’m playing golf — normally that would sound like fun, but I’m actually frightened of it. The past 2 weeks my back has been even worse than usual, and just imagining the after-effects of swinging a club have me cringing. But its for my future brother-in-law’s bachelor party, and how can I say no to that — or to a few hours outside in the sun?
Sunday we’re having an old-fashioned Baptist church picnic in celebration of our church’s 75th anniversary.
One of the most impressive things about our church is that they’ve fairly successfully found a balance between being respectful and honoring to the older generation, while being relevant and inviting to younger folk. Sunday morning services lean a little bit more traditional than I’m used to, but we usually enjoy them, and even if we don’t, the speaking is generally relevant and impactful. Sunday evening’s there are activities geared toward every age group imaginable.
No one’s forced to be uncomfortable or feel that they way they grew up worshiping is being disrespected. Everyone’s simply asked to think about others, and sacrifice just a little bit on their personal preferences some of the time so God’s word can be communicated to a broader audience than just themselves.
There’s a lot to be said for the wisdom and experience that those who were here before us have to share, and to alienate that demographic is to cripple a congregation. We don’t always understand each other, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have things to teach each other.
In other news, we think we’ve settled on a summer activity. Its not terribly original, but it came highly recommended by other folks with young kids. So by the end of this weekend we’ll hopefully have a little cottage up north booked for a week of vacation this summer. Hopefully we’ll be able to find enough activities to keep us from getting bored by the end of the week…
New pics in the sidebar. Have a great weekend everyone!

3 thoughts on “Pretty sure I could listen to Live's Throwing Copper album all weekend

  1. Its 1 degree out here this morning, and I had to scrape half an inch of snow off my car to go to work. This weekend will be spent huddled indoors, preferably with a fire going. Stupid Calgary weather.

  2. No, no, not indoors. You are going to take us out Friday night to anyplace in town that has a big screen tv and promises to show game 7. I am serious about this, I haven’t seen a Stanley Cup game in three years now and I am desperate to watch this one. Game starts at 8 pm EST, so that’ll be 6 pm in Calgary. Book dinner for the four of us at 5:30 at Kelly’s or whatever they have out there. I am happy to pay. We’ll be starved, we can visit and I can watch the game. Go Pens!

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