Backyard Vegetable Garden – Phase 1

Someone once made fun of me for breaking everything I do into phases. I do this because it makes it easier to actually finish something.
For example, I was certain that building a vegetable garden in our backyard would take most of the summer. Other people, however, thought they could do the whole thing in a day. By around 2pm, my way of thinking had prevailed, and we determined that a “phase 1” consisting of one out of the three boxes was a sizable enough goal for the day.
And one we did manage to accomplish. And by “we” I mean both those of us in charge, and those of us just trying to follow instructions. Nicole and her dad were the former, because they have their own thinking-out-loud language, that only they can decipher, that goes something like this:
Well we can’t put the post on the post, because that post there isn’t a long enough post for the post, so we’re going to cut this post and put it in here. OK?
Nicole’s mom and I just waited until one of them told us where to dig.
Nonetheless, we managed to accomplish our (new, more reasonable) goal and we have 1/3rd of a large vegetable garden ready for planting this week. I’m posting some before and after pictures here, but understand that this is only after phase 1 — it will look a lot different when we get through phase 3… some time this summer!
Box 1
Box #1 Close-up
More pictures should be appearing on the sidebar eventually…

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  1. Your post about the posts that you posted seems past postulating. Perhaps later posts, post haste, might prevent present posturing.

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