Lighten things up around here

Birthday Presents
This weekend we celebrated Abigail’s first birthday. Nic’s family came over and we had cake, made by Nic, and slightly burnt burgers made by yours truly. Abi opened a present all the way from Malaysia, and Benjamin spent most of the time “helping” Abigail play with her gifts.
There’s lots more pictures and video on Vimeo and Flickr, via the sidebar.

2 thoughts on “Lighten things up around here

  1. hey
    they are soooooooooooooo cute! and abi and ben look so much alike….. alivia goes in and out of having an obsession with pickles…… she is just getting over one. thank goodness, b/c she would want a pickle at 7:30 in teh mroning! YUCK and then several more times throughout the day.
    she would also go and get the BIG GLASS jar of them from the fridge if we ( mostly me) wasnt fast enough.
    i was always afraid she would drop it.
    and she always gets the gallon of milk out and brings it to me to pour her cup! whatt he shizzle??????LOLOLOL….. the kid is just like her mother—– NO patience!
    cant wait to see you guys in july!

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