Due East

Turns out the easiest way to get your tax refund from your American bank to your Canadian one is just to drive to the States, get a money order made out to yourself, then drive back…
So we’re off to Buffalo tomorrow to do just that. And since we’re there we figure we might as well hit a Target (accent on the e) and Best Buy. Most of our tax refund is going to good, worthwhile endeavors, as discussed earlier. But we did so well this year, that we’re going to get a toy or two with a little bit of it ;o)
Samsung BDP-2550
I’m getting us a Samsung BDP-2550. Blu-ray disc, and NetFlix streaming playback, here I come! Alas, this is the end of my relationship with HD-DVD as well. I’ll keep a couple as collectors items, but I guess I’ll dump the rest.
Which reminds me, I now have an XBox 360 Pro for sale if anyone’s interested. Drop me a line!

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