Resolving missing dependencies when building a NeXTStep/OpenStep App

If you’ve played around with NextStep/OpenStep trying to build a sample app — say, so you can find out how much OS X/the iPhone is like those sweet black machines of yesteryear — you might have an error like this one, when attempting to build a sample app you’ve created: AppKit.h not found (or any one of the other billion header files that are missing)
This may mean an incomplete installation of the Developer tools. Here’s what to do:

  • From the Developer CD, open the NextCD folder and then Packages.
  • From the Services menu, use Open Sesame to open the Package as Root
  • Install the Package to its default file locations.

Now, in your project in Project Builder, you may need to tell the compiler where to find those libraries.

  • From the Tools menu, open the Inspector and look at the Build Attributes.
  • Under Framework Search Order, Set… a new path to where those files just got installed: /NextLibrary/Frameworks
  • Do the same for Header Search Order, but use /NextDeveloper/Headers
  • Or, if you’re if you’re trying a NextStep tutorial on OpenStep, the path to the Headers is:

Now you should be able to Build in Project Builder! Note that PB doesn’t have a “Build and Go” that I can find, so once you build, you need to use Workspace Manager to find your newly made .app and double click it to test it out.

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