Sideblog Archive – February, 2009

life is a narrative. a story with a beginning that began before any of us existed, but with a chapter that belongs to each of us. only this story is one of those choose-your-own adventures, and there are good paths to follow and wrong paths to follow, and sometimes, no matter what path you choose, crap happens anyway. but if we do our best not to go too far from the good path, this amazing thing happens, that doesn’t happen in any other kind of story — the individual chapters begin to weave themselves together in strange and wonderful ways, and suddenly you find that your little piece of the story has helped, or has been helped by, someone elses. and you realise that there’s this incredible over-arching story line that’s been plotted out since before the first word was written on the first page, and in your brief chapter, you fit into it in a marvelous and unpredictable way.
and the author of that story? He loves you more than you can image.
and the best, most amazing path in your choose-your-own chapter? that’s the one He wants you to find.

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