In His Own Words

Every night before bed time, Nicole or I (usually Nicole, since I put Abi to bed) reads Ben a story. Tonite, Ben wanted to read one to her. He chose Thomas & Friends – Really Useful Engines. According to Benjamin, it goes something like this…
Page 1: WOW! Choo-choo! Uh-oh!
Page 2: Choo-Choo! Head, teeth. Moo, uh-oh!
Page 3: Wooow! Stuck! Uh-oh!
Page 4: Thereitis! Moo! Bye!
Page 5: Thereitis, thereits, thereitis. Wow! Juice.
Page 6: Choo-choo! Moo, moo, moo. Bye!
Page 7 : Moo, moo, mooo, mmmmmoo, moo, MOOO!
Page 8:  Uh-oh! Bye!
Clearly if this were what the book actually said, it would be an instant bestseller among 1-2 year olds everywhere.

2 thoughts on “In His Own Words

  1. Wait until he’s a bit older.. he’ll start figuring out other funny words to use like “brrrf”, “frappuuuul!” and “yummers!”
    All are the “top performance categories” for any kid their age.. welcome to the “Age of Enlightenment” my friend… you’ve been reading books ALL wrong up until now. 😉

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