Learning Mandarin

Y’know, in case the Chinese take over the world some day soon, I figured it’d be a good second language to have :-p
Actually, this will be my third or fourth second language. I never really did learn French that well, despite 9 years of having it pounded into my head. There was a time when I was relatively proficient at German, but that’s caught back in the cob-webby attic of my brain. And to be fair, I do still remember about 11 words in Bengali…
But this time is for real! We’re trying out this highly recommended software, which is supposed to work really well. Our goal is a half an hour a night, 3 days a week, after the kids go to bed. It gives us something to do together other than watch TV and clean up after the kids, and maybe by the time we get back over to Asia to visit my parents, we’ll have a local language we can use…

3 thoughts on “Learning Mandarin

  1. Excellent! So far if we see a boy, girl, man, or woman running, jumping, or sitting on top of, or underneath an airplane or picnic table, we’ll be able to talk about it!

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