Back from Ohio

We’re often teased about all the snow we get in Canada, but Friday when we left there wasn’t a single flake falling. Somewhere between New York and Pennsylvania, however, the highway looked like this:

I’m pretty sure it was the worst weather I’d ever driven in — and I’ve driven through some crazy stuff! The scariest part might have been the SUV directly in front of us that lost control and fish-tailed back and forth across three lanes of highway for a good minute and a half before he managed to wrestle his vehicle back into a straight line…
However, we made it to Ohio safely, and had a wonderfully nice, relaxing, and thought-provoking stay with some old friends. Benjamin met his new hero, Caleb. Here’s a video of them working out on a treadmill together:

7 thoughts on “Back from Ohio

  1. oh my word that looks sooo scary!! I’m glad you guys made it back okay. That’s such a cute video of Ben.. those treadmills are dangerous though! Good thing he kept his balance without any head injuries!

  2. That’s so cute!!! Ben loved watching it. He kept saying,”more Ben, more Ben”. We had to keep replaying it. He’s pretty good on tht thing!!

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