Obama on Religion

This is why the guy is uniting people, not pushing them apart. Imagine if both the ardently religious and irreligious were able to be this respectful of each other. Imagine if Christian’s could again be effective enough that people would want our leadership.
This video is fantastic, and well worth the 40 minutes, or so. But if you can’t put that much time in, and you’re a Christian, watch the first 15 minutes so you can hear the man’s testimony.
My favorite quote: “People are tired of seeing faith used as a tool of attack.” Amen, brother!

3 thoughts on “Obama on Religion

  1. And can I also tell you I’m really liking how the picture changes every time I come…I came back a few times in a row just to check out the different ones. Very cute kids you’ve got!!

  2. I have had a crushingly busy stretch here at Taylor’s and only just got to watch the video you posted. What an articulate and intelligent champion for the cause of Christ America has just elected. In Canada if you dare to say you are a Christian you are immediately considered suspect and unfit for national office. Americans have done themselves proud, and the world seems a much more hopeful place once again. This guy is well read and knows his history. Theren’t going to be any more stupid decisions, at least for the next four years. And shame on the Christian Right for not embracing a real Christian when he came along.

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