Proud of America

Not just because they elected a black President, or because they kicked the NeoCon junta out of office, but because of the grace with which they greeted this event.
Even those who vehemently rooted for McCain have, for the most part, said “Well he’s not the guy I voted for, but he’s our President and we’ll support him, pray for him, and hope for the best.” And those who rooted for Obama, have for the most part, now been able to acknowledge McCain’s strengths and honor his contributions.
I have to admit, its not the maturity I expected after having witnessed (and maybe for the first time really paid attention to) the kind of mudslinging and heated debates that go on during an election. But its good to see that our neighbours are capable of putting aside their differences and supporting their leader — even if they voted for the other guy.
Of course, not everyone is so mature. A Canadian I know, who used to be a youth pastor, implied on his Facebook status that Obama only won because he’s black. Its not the first time I’ve heard this sentiment, either. Somehow, despite the man’s Ivy League education, 10+ years of political experience, expertly run campaign, and clear and passionate speaking, there are people who believe Obama won on some kind of sympathy vote. That this is affirmative action extended to the Presidency.
I could not be more disgusted by this notion, and I guess a little afraid.
Afraid that somewhere in America’s less-progressive Southern underbelly is brewing a plot to assassinate him, simply because there are people who still can’t see a person’s value, despite his color. That these people undoubtedly call themselves Christians is abhorrent to me. It seems a strange thing to pray, but I will be praying for the safety of the new American President and for his family.
Regardless of his stance on certain issues, the man and his new position represent a new generation of America taking hold of its future. His election is historic as a symbol of change. Some of those changes will be good, some will be difficult and may force the nation to re-evaluate its values, and some of those changes will probably be bad too. But its progress, and its about time.
This, I think, ends my temporary foray into political blogging — at least until the Democrat’s power is in full swing, and I start getting ticked off at them for the things they’ll do wrong. If only there was some kind of “moderate” party we could get elected!
Anyway, we now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging! Coming up next: more pictures of the most adorable kids on the planet, more ponderings about the effectiveness of Christians in our world, and maybe a rant or too about “going green.” Plus there’s a Star Trek movie and a new James Bond coming out that are sure to evoke some kind of opinions from me…

4 thoughts on “Proud of America

  1. I am not saying that Obama was elected because of his color (or colour for your Canadians), but there was a Time magazine speaking with poor African Americans on who they were voting for and they said “Obama”. Then when asked to comment what they thought about his running mate Sarah Palin they said that they liked and supported her. It seemed as if the color of his skin was key for them.
    In all fairness, it would be fine to me that an African American was elected only because of his color because for so long one hasn’t been elected because of his color – this would only be fair. I didn’t vote for Obama, but I support him 100% as our president elect. I look forward and pray for the future of America.

  2. Fairness shouldn’t enter into the voting booth. The satisfaction of the requirements of being president (or other leaders) are what matter. If someone happens to be black or blind or whatever, fine (as of the moment for instance, New York has a governor who is both). Just give me the best PERSON for the job.

  3. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of the most adorable kids on the planet!
    Not so much anything else. =]

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