Things that won't happen with Obama in office

Whether or not he’ll be good for the country (and the world) is yet to be seen, but let’s just get a few things out of the way:

  • He will not suddenly reveal that he’s actually a terrorist from within
  • He will not take all the money from the rich people and give it to all the poor people
  • He will not make Islam the national religion
  • He will not get friendly with terrorists, or invite them to attack his country
  • He will not cause more abortions to happen
  • He will not cause more people to catch “the gay”
  • He will not turn America into a socialist country

7 thoughts on “Things that won't happen with Obama in office

  1. He’s NOT a terrorist? Yikes! (goes back to own blog and recinds comments…)
    I’m really excited about what he might do – not that he will be able to do it all, but i think that his ‘socialistic’ ideals are great and may get Amercia back to a place where they work with each other – and not against.

  2. i love the ” catch the gay”……
    i no longer think he is a terrorist from within. i actually felt hopeful listening to his acceptance speech this am.
    and now i actually also feel, like our whole country ( including the 95% of blacks whol voted, and voted for obama) would have been very very sad if mccain won.
    i dont regret my vote. but i am looking forward to see what obama will do.
    did i just say those things???????

  3. I can’t wait to see what Obama is going to do for America. I don’t particularly agree with everything he believes in, but more funding for social programs and a boost in health care is really needed. I just hope he doesn’t get assassinated.

  4. Just remember that the funding for every social program and health care bill passed comes out of your pocket….I do hope that more people do pay attention to everyone and everything around them though. So often we more-fortunate people turn a blind eye to what the rest of the country and world actually are going through. Maybe we do need this wake-up call.

  5. Regarding social progrms, I have no problem with programs that work. It’s all of the experiments that are failures but no one in Congress has the courage to say it’s failed and it needs to be eliminated so they just keep throwing more money at it or keep it running indefinitely. The Federal and State governments are not for-profit entities. On their own, they do not generate any revenue and must rely on taxes to function. If we took the time to eliminate wasteful spending at the state and federal level we would be able to improve and invest in programs that actually work. We need to run our country the way a successful business is run.

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