History was made last night

Last night, we watched actual live TV for the first time in months. We got it over the Internet, from MSNBC.com. Obviously I’m referring to the presidential election coverage. We pretty much had it on all night, along with a CNN.com map showing electoral results by State.
One guy on Reddit suggested that this was like the night before Christmas. I kind of have to agree — I was on the edge of my seat every time the results were about to be refreshed. Things were looking a little shaky as the middle States started submitting results, and McCain re-gained some ground. But then the west coast weighed in, and it seemed like it was over. I went to bed with Obama holding 284 seats in the Electoral College.
I woke up at 6am from a nightmare that somehow McCain had turned it around while I slept. I pretty much raced downstairs to check online to make sure that didn’t happen. Turns out I didn’t need to worry — Obama won a resounding victory:

I am proud of America this morning. Not just because they’ve made history by voting in their first black President, but because they booted out the NeoCon gang that has done their level best to crush their country under their oppressive foreign policy, their irresponsible economic decisions, and their vile hatred and fear.
Things can change now, and I sincerely hope they do. That Obama keeps the promises he’s made during his campaign — that the man is more than just flowery speeches. I’m concerned that the Democrats control the Presidency and the Senate. I would prefer a more balanced arena — power corrupts, and no one should go unchecked. But I’d rather have this situation then an all red one, so the best thing to do now is to pray for our leaders, that they can figure out how to fix all the problems we’re in…

Can we kick W. out now and put Obama in office right away?

5 thoughts on “History was made last night

  1. I have the opposite feeling this morning. I actually feel physically sick. I hope and pray that Obama and the Democratic leadership do not take us down the road of socialism, communism and appeasement. That we can somehow reach compromises on the important issues of the day and move forward. I didn’t believe the promises of the McCain campaign and I don’t believe the promises of Obama either, but only time will tell.
    I am no fan of George W Bush. I agreed with the war in Afghanistan and Iraq but we are no longer needed in Iraq. Saddam is gone and that’s a good thing but these people will need more than a few years to establish any form of democracy. Heck, we had to fight our own civil war so why should we expect it to be any different in Iraq? We need to find and kill Osama Bin Laden, that needs to be the true mission. Only the truly radical agree with the tactics of the Taliban and Bin Laden.
    Cute story, but that 5 year old could have been anything he wanted to be even before Obama became President-Elect. Having a black President does not validate the ambitions of anyone. I refuse to believe that anyone can be held back, those days have come and gone long ago.
    Please do not call me a racist. I would not have voted for any white man with Obama’s positions and history and I would have gladly voted for any black man with a true conservative philosophy and record.
    That said, Obama has my support (for now) and I pray he has the strength and faith to lead this great country.

  2. “Obama advisers, who agreed to talk about the future only on the condition that they not be quoted, said they are well aware of the dangers of interpreting the results as a mandate for unabashed liberal government.”
    @Scott, I somewhat agree and hope that Obama builds a moderate government, and focuses on clear thinking and partisan unity, rather than a purely liberal agenda.

  3. You really want to call a 4-6% margin of victory a mandate, the electoral college has to go. So much for my vote actually counting. I guess I’ll have to be like you and move to Canada before he takes office.

  4. The Onion has it right! That’s all it took. They are going to wake up Monday morning and regret it, but it will be too late. Kicking and screaming America has entered the 21st century.

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