Republicans Voting For Obama…

“We cannot tell the world what drum to march to… Our drum is broken.”
Here’s the source article. But don’t read Huffington Post — here’s the man’s own words.
12 days. Let’s see some changes…

4 thoughts on “Republicans Voting For Obama…

  1. hmmm – I don’t want to get to involved in this.. but is it weird that the differences in this little video are all republican (conservative guy? hunh?) anglo-white? Where’s the diversity in this area? Yeesh….
    I’m proud to be Canadian and know that we at least represent the world with our campaingn ads… 😉

  2. Jon….for you I will vote Obama – Oh wait, for a second there I was almost willing to go along with Oprah and all of the others that have a different world view then I do. McCain may be far from ideal, but with many issues I would agree with the core values represented with his views. We are never going to see a true living and practicing Christian President in our lifetime, unless we as Christians take our calling more seriously and actually live like Christians in and out of the church. In the Old Testament God continually put Israel in a location where they could and should make an impact on the known world at that time. As Christians we have lost our sphere of influence and now are reduced to voting in someone that only resembles Christian morals because it is the best option we have. We, as Christians, need to rise to the call – take charge and seek to stand in the public eye for Christ.
    Sorry about my rant – I will run for President when I am old enough. Of course I may be still living in Canada – oh well.

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