Happy Birthday jonandnic dot com!

Today (roughly) marks the beginning of the 8th year of this website. From its humble beginnings as a database of wedding invitees and running journal, driven by a SQL Server 7.0 databse, to its now-familiar state, jonandnic.com has been our only truly permanent home for most of our marriage.
Things change, most of my tinkering time goes into an actual home now, and having a blog isn’t that unusual a concept anymore (I remember when no one knew what a “blog” was!) but our little corner of the web is still a wonderful history book of our lives together…

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday jonandnic dot com!

  1. Congratulations on your eight years. That’s quite a record of perseverence, if nothing else, and a great way to record what you have been processing during that time.

  2. off the topic… LOVE the 2 new pics of the kids at the top of your flicker. they are getting even MORE GORGEOUS! i love abis hair! and i love what a lil man, ben looks like! i looooooove them…
    i am sad that i dont know when we will see them, or you again!!
    ok.. i am seriosuly going to go HURT my kid!LOL

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