Hey! Look over here!

Gotta lighten the mood around here, so everyone look at these pictures and say “aww, how cute” and hope that whoever ends up in charge down there, these kids inherit more than just our mess…

Abi frequently rides around in the laundry hamper.

Hanging out with Daisy is a little more rare. Usually the cat takes off before her tail gets pulled — Benjamin has taught her well.

She just started doing this, and its wonderful. There was no transition period, one day she just decided she was ready for the bottle — and she prefers to hold it herself… which looks incredibly cute, because her hands aren’t very coordinated yet.

Ben likes to be in the pictures too. This is his big boy bottle — don’t tell him, but its actually a sippy cup (the nipple swaps off)

6 thoughts on “Hey! Look over here!

  1. awww Daisy!!! chubby little orphan..
    as fat as ever i see. she was such a good kitty. glad to see she’s still kickin

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