The last part of our transition from the U.S. to Canada has fallen into place. Over 5 months since I closed up our New York apartment for the last time, and over 6 months since Nic and the kids hiked across the border. A full month since moving into our permanent residence — after 4 months of living in a very nice apartment, that was very poorly furnished. Our daugher having lived 83% of her life without it…
We now have health insurance for the whole family.
Health insurance in Ontario is on top of OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan.) While the government health plan covers doctor’s visits, hospital trips, surgeries, and even some specialists, you still need insurance if you want to do things like get prescription drugs, get glasses, go to the dentist, or visit other specialists not covered by OHIP.
While the wait for OHIP was by far the most stressful, not having health insurance was still nerve-wracking! We get a little bit nervous every time Ben pulls on his ears, and my glasses are so scratched that the value of having an HDTV is all but lost on me.
So when I called our insurance company this morning, as I have every Monday morning for the last 3 weeks, to find out if the paper work had gone through yet, I was most ecstatic to find that they would finally be insuring my whole family.
We finally have everything we need to live here.

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