The OTHER Red State vs. Blue State debate

I found this map once before, but it got lost in my sea of unorganized bookmarks. In Canada when we want a sweet carbonated beverage, we’d ask for a pop. Here in New York, if we asked for a pop, no one would have a clue what we were talking about. Now that we live in Canada, we’re having trouble not calling it soda.
Check the map to see what name they use elsewhere in the States. Seems “soda” is a bit of a minority…
In other news, the Large Hadron Collider came online today (and the world didn’t end) leading to some really cool pictures. Maybe we can hear something about the science now…

5 thoughts on “The OTHER Red State vs. Blue State debate

  1. Hey, give the collider some time! It’ll take a couple weeks for it to fully power up and start smashing protons, so it could still end the world.

  2. Shawn, yes I am. I just hop over to Wisconsin on my lunch hour… actually, the hour after my lunch hour, listen in and come back :-p
    Also, this was on Digg, so that mighta had something to do with it too!

  3. Wow, the map seems pretty accurate. The area of Wisconsin that I grew up in was definitely “soda” territory and the area that I moved to is clearly “pop” country. You should have seen the guys face the first time one of the kids asked for a soda!
    I’d be interested to see if there’s an equivilent map of “bubbler” vs “water fountain”!

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