Big Summer Weekend Number Last

The saga continues, as we take the little car in one more time for some repairs. This is the last significant money we plan to spend on my Saturn SC2. Next time she drops, we’ll be putting her down. Its been a good car, taken us well over 200,000 hard kilometers over the past 7+ years, and until now has barely cost us a cent beyond normal maintenance. And I love driving it…
The other Saturn, our SUV, who’s already taken a beating to the tune of about 100,000 km since we bought it just shy of 3 years ago, is about to do probably its last haul with the whole family to New York. After some running around tomorrow, including a wedding shower for our family car mechanic (who’s already saved us thousands) we’ll be packing the whole crew up, and heading for the Interstate again. My good friend Jon is back from his submarine and is getting hitched. I haven’t yet written my best-man speech, but I’ll get on that during the 8 hour road trip.
It’ll be good to see our New York friends, but its a little bit tougher leaving home now that we… actually have a home. Life is finally getting good here, and it seems disruptive to leave it just as we’re settling in. But its only a week, and hopefully it’ll be worth it…

3 thoughts on “Big Summer Weekend Number Last

  1. If you do end up having to put down the SC2, which I think would be a shame because it is such a fun little car to drive. I think you should look into a Scion tC. It’s about the same size as the SC2 and probably gets comparable milage and the like. The overall sportiness of the car is about the same, and the tC is also quite fun to drive. Sometimes Virginia catches me taking her car to the store for quick errands and the like because it is more fun to drive than my truck. They are priced pretty reasonably, and since it’s made by Toyota, I’m sure that you will continue your trend of long miles with few repairs.
    See you in a few days,

  2. Ha, no thanks Bill. I don’t want to pay for gas for a Jeep!
    And as for a Scion, definitely a fun car, although we’ve dealt with Toyota recently and weren’t terribly pleased. Regardless, the next car is a Saab 93 Aero… its already decided :-p

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