The light at the end of the tunnel…

Someone at our new church (who’s introduced themselves to us 3 times now) asked us how our summer was going. I surprised myself by answering “Oh, we just want it to be over!”
But its true, everything good that we’ve been waiting for and working for comes right as the summer wraps up — not the least of which being the house! You have no idea how much we’re looking forward to getting out of this purgatory (no offense to those soon to be living here.)
Nicole and her parents went appliance shopping yesterday. An old family friend knows of a place where they sell stuff for great prices, and Nic managed to find 4 four great appliances totaling less than $2000! What a shopper!
I myself have wrangled a deal or two, and managed to get three pieces of office furniture, including a very spacious desk to replace this plastic table I’ve been working off of, for $250.
Roofs, on the other hand, seem to be a little harder to find for cheap, and as of yet we haven’t been quoted much less than $5500. This is a little bit higher than the estimates our real estate agent gave us while we were making our decision, but… we still feel like we got a pretty good deal.
The other big expense is movers. Almost all of our friends are legitamitely busy on our moving day, and this is admittedly a rather different move than the ones we usually conscript help for, so we decided to work the expense of a moving company into the budget. Its not as expensive as I’d feared, and I think it’ll be worth it just to get it done quickly, but these costs do add up.
So we’re biding our time, and counting our pennies… it’s been a long, lean summer, but the end is in sight, and we can hardly wait. Phase 3 of the transition home is almost here. And a house means a never ending supply of projects for me to work on which, given my propensity for getting bored quickly, is a very good thing…

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