Waiting for our real life to begin

Today has been a good day! I love it when people call me to arrange things I need done, instead of the other way around.
There’s a list of people we needed to get in touch with in these last couple weeks before the house deal goes down. There’s the insurance company, the lawyer, the utilities, etc… There’s also the matter of our little car having been in the shop most of the summer, lots of banking details to work out, and the final transition with my employer all to get closed out this month.
I figured I’d pick up the phone and get started, but its been ringing off the hook all morning. Our lawyer got in touch with me to get the ball rolling. Our insurance agent (who I love) called me to let me know where she was at. Even the car repair shop called to give us good news. I still had to call the utilities myself, obviously, but the largest “new account set-up fee” was $35, which is a lot less than we’d expected.
Also on the phone this week was the guy in charge of hardware purchasing at work. After a few months of the craptop sitting broken in a box in New York, my new laptop is on the way. Our only options are Dell machines, so this time I decided to go with a lightweight laptop. Given the horse power available to me both at home and at the office New York, I figured I’d aim for portability this time. When we get to Albany in September, a cute little Latitude D430 will be waiting for me.
My parents got a small-sized Dell that they use in their travels, and while its no MacBook, its a decent little machine that fits well in a suitcase or backpack. Something tells me that might be important to us over the next couple years.
So the movers are booked, all the little pieces are falling into place. Two and a half more weeks and life begins again. We can hardly wait…

3 thoughts on “Waiting for our real life to begin

  1. …”Two and a half more weeks and life begins again”…my own son said the same thing just before he and his bride moved into their 1st house two weeks ago. Since then, he’s said that he hasn’t been to bed before 2 AM any night, what with all the unpacking, mowing, fixing, etc. Good luck to you and Nic…it’ll all be worth it in the end. There’s NOTHING like having your own place!

  2. I think we’ve got unpacking down to a science. Having moved 7 times in our 7 years of marriage, we’re pros at that. The “fixing, etc…” has me a little nervous. Here’s my list of tasks once we get the place:
    – Run CAT5 from the top floor, and main floor to the basement, across the ceiling and over to my office area
    – Replace the locks and some door knobs
    – Remove the two unsightly satellite dishes
    – Powerwash and re-seal the back deck
    – Sand and re-paint the garage door (and apparently I have to do the front door too)
    – Get the roof re-done
    – Rip out the ugly built-in home theater cabinet in the basement, and then put drywall up in its place and paint it.
    – Get new carpet installed in the basement
    – Build a new wall (from scratch!) in the basement to separate out my office area
    I’d like to get the first 4 things on that list done before we head back to NY, but wWe have an impressive shopping list of things we need too — having never owned a single appliance before! Its a little scary!

  3. You missed a couple of things….play with your kids, and love each other. I know they may seem like a given, but sometimes in the hassles of everyday life (especially with all the added stuff a new house brings), they get put on the back burner (oh wait, you don’t have appliances yet). Just remember to enjoy! Everything on your list (except maybe replacing the locks) really could wait for another day – and that’s tough for me to say since I HATE procrastination.

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