Take me out to the ball game

I know this isn’t the Blue Jays logo any more, but it was the last time I went to see them play. In fact, this was their logo the last time I watched any MLB at all.
Its not that I hate baseball. Its just that I don’t care. Baseball is no worse than any other professional sport — athletes are over-paid and over-worshipped for playing a game, while people in other parts of the world starve to death. Just seems kinda stupid to me. But I guess it doesn’t bother me enough to be passionate about it… I just don’t really get emotionally involved in sports at all.
It doesn’t help that the last baseball game I went to went into like 14 extra innings, and we were stuck in uncomfortable seats for 32 hours straight… or something like that.
Anyway, I’m going to a ball game tonite. And I’m actually kinda looking forward to it. Not the part about watching doped up, spoiled rich guys swinging a club and chasing a ball around a field. But the part about hanging out with my old friend Randy, doing something he enjoys, and celebrating the fact he’s grown-up to the point where he’s ready to commit to his girlfriend and to their son in marriage. And I guess it would be nice if the home team won (especially since they’re playing New York) but either way, tonight we’re celebrating a victory.
Here’s hoping there are no extra innings…

5 thoughts on “Take me out to the ball game

  1. Well, your team won, and being a Boston fan, I’m delighted. Hope you ate hot dogs till you couldn’t stand it any more…

  2. We DID win! And I had a surprisingly good time! The dome was open, the fans were friendly (even the Yankees fans sitting next to us) and the pace of the game was lively enough to keep me interested. I actually really had fun!

  3. Nice, and I’m glad. But it doesn’t change the fact that yes, there are thousands dying of hunger and North America seems to be sliding into a self-medicated narcotic haze and doesn’t see their hard fought for liberties eroding under their noses and for the most part doesn’t care.

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