Configuring TwonkyVision on a LaCie MiniNAS

Derived from this forum post that solved the problem for me.
Sometimes (most of the time) the limited configuration for TwonkyVision that the MiniNAS config pages gives you isn’t enough. Trying to go to http://yournas:9000 results in the red error page. Apparently LaCie thinks they know better than their users.
To enable TwonkyVision config, upload this signed patch file (mirrored here, in case the original source goes away) in the Configuration page of the MiniNAS config, as an update.
Tested with of the MiniNAS firmware.

One thought on “Configuring TwonkyVision on a LaCie MiniNAS

  1. Dude… I’m so jealous with all the hacking fun you’re getting to have right now while I’m stuck out in the middle of the pacific. Honestly though, I hope you’re having a good time and taking lots of notes. I’m building the very basic concepts of a web application that I’m going to be building that is going to end up being pretty big and I might have to get your opinion on U/I concepts when I get back. 😉 I probably won’t even start coding for at least another month or two. And we both know what else will be happening then… So it will be a while.
    Hope you’re enjoying your summer.

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