Scattered notes on hacking Apple TV 2.0 (aka Take Two)

  • Useful bash commands:
    sudo the whole session:
    sudo bash
    mount file system as read/write:
    mount -uw /
    remove a whole directory recursively (be careful!):
    rm -r /folder
    modify Hosts file to prevent the AppleTV from reaching the Update server…
    sudo bash -c ‘echo “” >> /etc/hosts’
  • Don’t bother trying to get AFP or SMBFS working in 2.0.2. Even if you put in the missing executable from a Tiger install, and the missing library files, it still won’t work. Turbo’s Kext Loader runs, but the kexts won’t work in 2.0.2.
    Just live with SSH and SCP. A front-end like Fugu will make things a little easier. Will need an uPnP server to get content from another source.
  • Although its possible to build a Patchstick without a Tiger install, its not worth the effort. Install Tiger (on an Intel Mac), and make sure you update to 10.4.9 — otherwise you’ll be missing components the Patchstick creator needs.
  • Built a working Patchstick using these directions from the AwkwardTV Wiki.
    I used a 128MB USB key — tried using an old iPod Shuffle (512MB) but it wouldn’t boot.
    Execute createPatchstick with no switches to find with disk# to use for my USB stick.
  • Trying out NitoTV as an additional media player — most stuff works, some doesn’t on 2.0.2.
  • Trying out MediaCloud as a uPnP media finder. It works great.
  • Most of iClarified’s AppleTV tutorials are out-of-date/work for 1.x only 🙁
  • Need to get the audio component of the AC52Codec into /Libary/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components to get those high quality DivX rips working with sound.
  • Twonky Media is a decent multi-platform uPnP server for getting content from a Mac onto the AppleTV. Costs about $30.

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