Big Summer Weekend #1

While all our Canadian friends were relaxing and enjoying their day off on Tuesday, I was busy at work. I haven’t switched over to Canadian payroll yet (for benefits, and other reasons) so I’m still on the U.S. holiday schedule. It sucked a little bit to be working (and trying to sleep through the fireworks that night) but it was worth it. See Americans get their holiday on Friday, so that means I get a long weekend!
This summer is full of big weekends. This one includes cars, a wedding, and at least one new person to meet. Its gonna be a busy one, but it should be fun! Pictures to follow.
A huge congratulations to our friends Steph and Mike on their up-coming nuptials!
Our best safe travel wishes to Pete and Faith as they start the trek home from Africa!
And a (belated) happy birthday to Canada, and a happy independence day to our American neighbours!

2 thoughts on “Big Summer Weekend #1

  1. hey… love the new pics. abby is getting so big, love the mohawk. ben is looking like such a big boy! i love it! i miss him. you guys should come back and visit!….. just kidding! i know you are too busy. but we are excited to see you for the wedding in september.
    well i am sick and miserable and complainy ( as you are well aware i can be when i am unhappy or not feeling well)… and i need to go lay down.

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