Don't Watch the Zohan

I’m not usually an Adam Sandler fan, but occasionally I can be in the mood for his silly-talking low-brow humor. Tonite I thought I’d enjoy a laugh with my old friend, Mark.
Unfortunately, not only is “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan” the worst Adam Sandler movie since “Little Nicky,” it may also be the worst movie ever made. It was crass and gross and totally unfunny.
Also, since I’m rolling back into the house at midnight (something I’ve not done for a long time) I’m getting to bear witness to a little bit of night life next to a University (something I’ve not done for an even longer time.) Curiously, the experience is somewhat like an Adam Sandler movie…

8 thoughts on “Don't Watch the Zohan

  1. I was forced to watch “Love Guru” at the drive-in, and can say it’s TERRIBLE — don’t watch it!

  2. Ya, I definitely want to see Get Smart, but Mark didn’t know who Steve Carell was, so I figured Zohan would be fine.
    I’m totally not going to see Love Guru.
    And we finally saw Indiana Jones tonite (thanks to Mom and Dad, for our first date night in ages.) It wasn’t as horrible as I feared, but it was still pretty bad. The beginning and the end (especially the end) were the worst parts. I hate George Lucas.

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