Best manliness

I have the privilege of being the best man in two weddings this summer. Having never been a best man, I’m not exactly sure what this job entails, but I understand it involves some sort of speech.
Weddings are such a tremendous amount of work for the families involved — they’re invariably stress-inducing, and argument-inciting. As wonderful as our wedding day was, I do remember the huge amount of work that went into it.
To be honest, though, I’ve been ignoring my best-manly duties up until this point. The whole “moving to another country and buying a house” thing pressed more urgently on me. There are still a few problems in that area left to solve, our current home base has this oppressive feeling of temporary-ness in its mostly empty cupboards and very lived-out-of suitcases, and we have something of a vehicle crisis looming, but now that we’re back from our final wrap-up trip to New York, the upcoming weddings are being given some priority.
On top of the two weddings I’m in, Nic is also in one of her own, and there are two others we’ve been invited to. Each has significance for us in a different way, and we actually enjoyed doing some wedding gift shopping while we were in the States this past week.
Still, the idea of coming up with a speech of such great import to its subject (and his family and bride) is a little bit nerve-wracking. Especially given how well I know these guys! Anyone got any tips on how to write a good speech?

5 thoughts on “Best manliness

  1. Stories of how the couple met are also popular too… and funnier when they aren’t true. 🙂

  2. I had a few glasses of wine and made it up on the spot. Got a big laugh and a big cheer, and I really don’t remember what I said. I don’t recommend doing it that way though.

  3. all i know is your speech better come after mine b/c i am NOT following yours!!!! lol. i am sure yours will be brilliantly well thought out and sound fabulous and mine will be filled with run on sentences and made up words. lol.
    its gonna be fun. i am sure i will be a little nervous though!
    i want abbie to come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

  4. @ Marti: Alas, I know the grooms well, but the brides… not as much!
    @ John: Making stuff up might be my plan!
    @ Dave: Why does all your advice include booze?
    @ Brooke: We should do a “team” speech!

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