5 thoughts on “We have a lot going on right now!

  1. It’s a fun club to be a part of.
    Let us know when you will be moving your stuff officially and we will come down to help if we are able to.

  2. Haha – nice. That had to be the briefest comment I’ve ever read here. If you were REAL busy – you wouldn’t even time to do that! Glad that things are busy.. hope they all align?! Keep up the great stuff.

  3. Ya, ya. It was brief. We’re back in New York, faxing mortgage paperwork back to Ontario from the office, fielding calls from property inspectors, bankers and car salesmen, wondering if things are going to slow down any time soon… Wishing we had a home of our own before the summer is over.
    But still feeling pretty blessed over all. Besides, who would want life to be boring, right?!

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