So I Guess We're Supposed to Celebrate Now?

I find it a little strange that people congratulate you on assuming $215,000 worth of debt, but I guess in our society, that’s something to be happy about.
We bought a house.
I can’t say I’m not happy… I mean it is our first place, and it very neatly fit the bill of what we were looking for. Frankly, its a gorgeous first house.
It has the required 3 bedrooms, on the top floor. The main floor has a somewhat open kitchen/dining area, with a window into the living room. Out the patio door in the kitchen is a decent deck and, get this, a hot tub!
The basement is finished, albeit a little eccentrically as a den/rec room. We’ll eventually be putting in a wall to separate out an office area, but otherwise its ready to use — a far cry from most of the houses we looked at.
The walls are painted pretty neutral colors, so we won’t need to re-decorate before we move in. The deck will need to be refinished sometime in the next couple years, and the roof is in rough shape. A quoted $3000 will fix that, but we’re hoping it’ll hold us through the winter so we can deal with that next year.
Aside from those caveats, the house is perfect. Its small, but its cute, and in a nice neighbourhood in a little village 19 minutes away from our church. We made our initial offer this afternoon, then drove out to the house, and parked outside while our respective real estate agents negotiated on our behalf. Originally the hot tub was excluded, but their asking price for everything else was quite competitive for the neighbhourhood. We talked them down about $3000, and into including the hot tub. The deal was done by 3:30.
Unfortunately, their initially stated move-out date had to be pushed back from when we first viewed the place, so we are stuck in our student-residence-limbo right until the end of the summer — August 22nd will be the day we take possession. In some ways this sucks, because sleeping every night on a mattress on a floor isn’t exactly wonderful. In other ways it frees up the whole summer to deal with the rest of our relocation issues, with the house problem already solved.
The offer was, of course, conditional on financing, inspection and insurance, so we’ll take a run at those things early this week, with hopes of having all of that finalized before Wednesday, when we have to head back to New York for a couple days.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get in touch with our co-investor on the ground, but we’re pretty confident that they’ll be happy with the place. It really is a pretty great little house…

And we really are about to be in debt by over $200 large, so I think I’m gonna go puke now.

5 thoughts on “So I Guess We're Supposed to Celebrate Now?

  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay congrats! yes it is something you should say congrats about! you are making a huge investment and will hoepfully make lots of money off of it when you move!
    and i LOVE how you said ” i am gonna go puke now!!!!!” lol

  2. As Mom likes to say, it’s not debt, it’s investment, and about the only one that consistently pays off. You can’t live in a mutual fund, either, nor raise kids there. Relax. It’ll be fine. We know a Christian roofer at West London and it would make more sense to have it done right the first time, not just a patch job to get you through. The place looks great, congratualtions. As usual, you guys haven’t wasted any time, have you!

  3. Tarps work great for roofing. 🙂
    I’ll say congratulations on getting the house and save the major congrats for the mortgage burning ceremony when it is paid off. LOL
    Hope all is well.

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