I love this town!

I love how alive it is! There’s constantly something going on, but at the same time, it still doesn’t seem like a big city.
I love that there’s a Starbucks just a short walk from our place, and a hot dog vendor just outside its door.
I love that there’s a little family-run market the same distance in the other direction.
I love that we’re a stone’s throw from 3 major highways, but that there’s still grass and sidewalks on every little street.
I love the college students, full of hopes and dreams for the future. I love that they’re in debt up to their eyeballs, but still manage to find money for trendy clothes — worn in combination with bed head and droopy eye-lids from either last night’s party, or last night’s early-morning study session. I love that both obligations seem equally crucial to them right now, because they have so little else to worry about.
I love the college professor who jogs by our apartment every day, and how he says hello in his still-a-little-bit-British accent.
I love the feeling of academia, occasionally drowned-out by the 20 year old idiot driving by in his Civic with the bass pumped so loud it threatens to shake the $1500 rims off his $3000 car.
I love that everything we need is within a few blocks of our place, and that there are no shortage of people for Benjamin to say HI! to on our walks — and I love that we can walk! That I’ve parked my car for the summer, and probably won’t pull it out again until we move.
What a great town! Maybe I’m just in an abnormally good mood, because on my lunch hour today, I opened the door and had lunch with my family — instead of staring at my boring cubicle walls for an hour, or mall-walking alone in Albany. Maybe it’ll all look a lot different after a month here. But at the moment, I’m pretty happy with our temporary home.

4 thoughts on “I love this town!

  1. I am assuming you must be living in Waterloo? You have several cousins that all live there and attend University…and could be one of those bleary-eyed, in debt students you referred to!

  2. Sweet! Welcome back to Canuck soil. Home of the free, and land of real grass and lawns. Come back to London one day and we’d love to say “Hiya” over a glass of wine and have Ben play with our kids on the trampoline!
    Cheers and welcome back.

  3. i wanna live in a place like that. and i think you MUST have just been havinga really good day b/c i have never heard you say so many positive things about one thing. lol. not that i think you are negative, b/c i dont.
    i wish ben was coming with you guys next week!

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