And so completes Phase 2

As of Saturday afternoon, my whole family lives together under the same roof — for the first time in over a month!
Last week was a pretty tough one, as I worked in the otherwise empty apartment alone, with my family now only an hour away from me. Our friends Chad and Jen put me up for one of the nights in their beautiful new house, and I did the full commute on Friday. Saturday, with lots of help from Nicole’s family and my mom we loaded about a quarter of our belongings into a little trailer, a jeep, a van and my car, and met up in the tiny parking lot at our temporary apartment. My good friend John, who has helped us through as many moves as our own family, met us there and helped us move the big stuff in.
We’re intentionally living on the bare minimum, because we’re holding out hope that we’ll find a house of our own really soon. Ben had a bit of a hard time sleeping the first day, but by Sunday evening we had the place in pretty good shape, looking sort of like home, and he calmed down a lot. It didn’t really help us feel…safe, when he woke up on Saturday morning with one eye swollen shut and oozing. Fortunately it turned out to be just an allergic reaction, that didn’t affect him much at all. Its almost completely back to normal now.
So we’re here, we have a home, and we’re finally all together again. Things are going pretty much as planned! The next couple weeks will likely have us sticking pretty close to home base, but if you’re Ontario friends and family, and we haven’t seen you yet, we’d love it if you dropped by to visit!
Pictures of our temporary home are in the sidebar…

2 thoughts on “And so completes Phase 2

  1. do you have 2 refridgerators????????
    and the kitchen looks nice and big! and nicole looks super!

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