Suggested Tourism Mottos for places we've visited

New York City – A great place to live visit briefly!
Buffalo – Its not the prettiest town in New York
Albany – Proving that racial stereotypes are still alive and well in the North East
Clifton Park – Walking is prohibited
Clifton Park – All outdoor children’s play must be scheduled in advance with the town council
Malta – We like traffic circles!
Malta – AMD is going to build a factory here one day! Honest!
Saratoga Springs – We’d be a pretty nice town, even without the horse races
Boston – Quite possibly the coolest city in America
Washington D.C. – Most of the nations significant monuments and museums tucked neatly into 5 city blocks
New Jersey – The Garden* State
* where by “Garden” we mean “Factory”
Pennsylvania – Seriously, there’s nothing here…
Virginia is for Lovers Rich, White People

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