Life as a Ghost

So I finished everything on Sunday.
Life since then has been a concerted effort to find busy work to do, so that I don’t go crazy. The walls are painted, the cabinets are cleaned, and the boxes are almost all packed — If I pack anything else, I won’t have anywhere to sleep at night!
I have 3 boxes still open, for the last minute dishes, and I’m living out of suitcases. But the TV and the XBox are still out, so I’m holding on to my sanity. There’s still some paper work to do, and the ongoing difficulty of jumping through the hoops required by my employer to make this happen, but I’m basically ready to go.
Right. Now.
Yesterday Nicole camped out at our temporary apartment in Ontario, and waited for the Internet people to come and say that “yes, our line will work.” The modem and our VoIP kit were mailed to us there, so we’ve got the basics covered. Monday the moving truck comes, Tuesday I clean the floors and then start the 8-hour trek back to Ontario. Wednesday, I hope to be back at work from a mostly empty apartment in the morning.
This has been a pretty gray month, with a few occasional glimpses of sunshine that have made it survivable. On Tuesday, Nic stayed with our friend’s Mark and Elisabeth, who watched Ben on Wednesday while Nic was at the apartment. Here’s Ben hanging out with their little guy, Nathan.

Only 6 more days until I can be with my wife and kids…

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