Behold the power of my new work computer!

So since I’m working off site, I need to take a little piece of the office with me. Rather than load up 4 physical server machines, my boss decided it was best to buy me one big one, which will run 4 virtual servers on it.
So we got me one of these. A PowerEdge 1900.
The picture doesn’t give you a good idea of the size — the depth of the machine is the length of my leg. Its huge, and it sounds like a jet engine taking off when you first start it up. Its got a Quad Core Xeon, with room for another Quad Core if I need one later, a 500GB 10,000 RPM Hard Drive, and a whopping 16GB of RAM.
It weighs 100 pounds, and can run 8 computers inside it, via Microsoft’s HyperV technology, without breaking a sweat.
Paired with my workstation (which is small by comparison: only a dual core CPU with 4GB of RAM) which will be running 2 virtual workstations inside of it, I’ll have enough horsepower to do… whatever I want. At any given time in my home office, I’ll have the resources of 8 computers at my finger tips.
If only just one of them was a Mac…

6 thoughts on “Behold the power of my new work computer!

  1. make sure you bank on your electricity bill doubling. lol
    you could always rent out parts of the spare space and power to other people.

  2. @Karl: Well it has space for 4 GPUs, but at the moment it’s got onboard video only — it’ll probably run headless most of the time. So… no, it can’t run Crysis.
    @Bill: And that is why I’m investigating solar power for our new house!

  3. I would also highly recommend at least a 1000VA UPS and a gigabit network switch for this… (if you don’t already have those..)

  4. @John
    Yes, that was supposed to be GB — I changed it because 500MB would go pretty fast!
    I have a 750VA UPS, but I’ll probably be upgrading when you and I do the solar power thing 😉
    And of course I’ll be running Gigabit. Got two switches right here!

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