And another thing…

Here’s something else we’re going to miss about the States: Christian radio.
We just don’t have it in Canada. There’s a few stations with like a 10-15 mile broadcast range, but nothing like what we’ve got here. I was listening to Air 1 this morning, singing along on my way to work, and I realised how great it is to have encouraging music on.
But I have to stop ribbing my home land long enough to be proud of this story. Apparently a high school student from Ottawa (that’s in Canada, btw) may have found the cure for the Flu. A high school student.
Yes, we have many backward ways — especially when it comes to technology and commerce. But we have a generally intelligent and industrious population, and a stable economy.
Also our banks are open later.
And we don’t have Hillary Clinton to worry about.
We’ll miss lots of things about the States, but Canada’s a pretty good place to call home these days. 12 more days until I get to live there…

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