A hurriedly prepared post with some low frame-rate videos in it…

I got home to Canada this weekend, for all of about 36 hours. Got to see my kids, spend some time with my wife, and change a few diapers. While I was there, Benjamin got his first hair cut. He was a very good boy through the whole thing, and of course, he looks adorable now — and frighteningly grown-up. There’s plenty of pictures in Flickr, but here’s a couple low-quality videos of the event too…
At Nic’s parent’s place Ben has a toy tractor that he loves to ride around on. Here’s a quick clip of his new favourite mode of transportation. (Note the Canadian spelling. We’ll be going back to the Queen’s English here on jonandnic.com now that we’re moving back!)
And for our final video of the day, here’s a real treat. One of the best things about having multiple babies is the way they set each other off. If you think one crying baby is hard to handle, you’ll love it when the other baby joins in. This clip is from one of our road trips home — they were sleeping peacefully until we were almost there, then this happened…
In other news, Ben has a new trick — he says words!! His favourite word is “HI!” which he says excitedly when you get him up in the morning. He also says “juice” but just the word by itself isn’t interesting enough for him, so he likes to work up to it: “JU-JU-JU-JOOOOOSH!!!”
He also huffs when he’s ticked off at you. A trick he learned from his babysitter… who huffs when she’s ticked off at you :-p
The family is doing great, Abi’s almost sleeping through the night, and my mom’s here in NY to help me pack. Two weeks left before we’re all home together in Canada. I can’t wait!

4 thoughts on “A hurriedly prepared post with some low frame-rate videos in it…

  1. Hi Jon and Nic,
    Just a quick note to let you know that Abi has a new cousin! My daughter Becky had a baby girl at 2pm today…Brooke Lillias Vandermey born at 2pm May 7/08 8lb. 15 oz. Your Mom and I are one month apart…you and Becky were 2 months apart and now you each have daughters 2months apart…awesome!!
    Good luck getting packed up for your return to Canada…

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