Release Party!

Here it is… heavily Photoshopped, of course, to remove most identifying markers.
4.4 is now shipping and it is good… and I was a part of it.

I’m proud of this release — and I should be, I’ve been working on it a long time. I did good work, the team did good work, and its a product to be proud of. That its shipping out around the same time we’re shipping out of New York is a nice bit of closure on some of what we poured ourselves into here.
In appreciation, the company is taking us all to Six Flags in June. If we can arrange Abi’s doctor’s appointment around that date, we may even get to go!

2 thoughts on “Release Party!

  1. Yes, I figured it was a conflict of interest to be the one making the cover art, so I put my display further back, and yours up front. Even though we all know who’s is sexier 😉

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