A Tip for Introverts

Sometimes its tough being an introvert — especially in a room full of extroverts. All that pressure to make conversation and to be the life of the party. Here’s a tip that might help:
Most extroverts don’t remember what they’ve told you.
They’re so busy buzzing around the room talking to everyone, that they don’t really pay attention to what they’re telling to who. They just want to talk.
This means that within a day or two, you can ask them a question they’ve already answered, and they’ll happily tell you all about it again! They’ll go on and on as if this is totally new information, and all you have to do is sit back and repeat the same reactions you gave them last time. Or, if you feel like it, you can try out new reactions, just to see if something works better. They’ll forget about it in a couple days anyway.
I’ve found this information to be a huge relief at parties and social gatherings. Instead of wracking my brain to come up with the kind of superficial small talk extroverts seem to enjoy, I can just find one and ask them questions I already know the answer to, then relax while they carry the conversation!
One warning, though, don’t try this on an introvert. Not only do they remember the topic, but they remember when they told you about it, and how you reacted. They’ll be very offended if it seems you don’t remember.

7 thoughts on “A Tip for Introverts

  1. Greg does that! It makes me crazy! How can you not remember having a conversation with someone!
    Where did you hear about this? It has to be reliable if its going to get him off the hook here…

  2. I didn’t hear about it! I came up with it — after years of observation, and using it regularly on various extroverts I interact with.
    I don’t think its that they don’t remember having a conversation with you. Its just the fact that they’re having a conversation is more important to them than the material. It doesn’t matter to them what they’re talking about, as long as they’re talking :-p

  3. Interesting, this could be most useful. My solution to the problem of being an introvert at a party is to have a few pints. In no time at all, I’m chatting with random people, dancing, and generally not remembering what I just talked about with people. But your way is good too.

  4. …followed shortly after by stumbling down the street in your underwear yelling “I am the Queen of England!”
    True story, btw.
    I think I’ll stick to my method :-p

  5. This is great advice, but sadly I’m a exintravert. I remember just about everything I said, and talk a lot! I even remember talking online a few years ago when you were inviting me to join production. I asked if sound board was hard, and you said I would learn it quick. Etc. Etc. Haha. =P

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