Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

Well despite protests of innocence from our mover, it turns out that their quote (not to mention their revised quote) wasn’t all that competitive. Nicole found us an equally reputable company that will do it for $3000. Back to where we were before — but that’s much more comfortable territory.
As I feared, and just like last time, my employer’s HR department suspended my payroll, due to my family leave, and they forgot to put me back on — despite my e-mails reminding them. Not getting paid is awesome.
Fortunately, when I do get paid, its going to be a new, larger amount. Annual review time has come and gone, and my “salary action” was “favorable!” It was a challenging year at work, but its nice to know my efforts were appreciated — financially, that is!
I’d buy you all a round of drinks to celebrate, but we’re moving to another country, buying a house, feeding two babies, and I’m not getting paid right now… so hit me up in a year or so when we’re not totally broke.

9 thoughts on “Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

  1. My favorite business euphamism was when we had a fire drill.
    They sent out an e-mail saying we were going to be testing our “business continuity plan” and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what that was. It was a good thing they had a Powerpoint deck explaining it…

  2. what “business continuity” really means is how many people will make it out alive if there is a fire and who are they? ie. will we lose key members of our staff? etc…. will the company be able to continue in business without too many hiccups.

  3. Home safe and sound and awake all night at Syl’s. Heading to K-W to pick up the vehicle today and then off to Calgary tomorrow. See you all soon.

  4. I’ve got a 25% raise coming in July. Dave’s company offered him a 25% increase if he would stay. Just trying to keep pace!

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