Natural Anthem

The Case for Connectivity
Here’s a brilliant article, written by a technology pundit in 1995, explaining how the Internet will never amount to anything we hoped for, going into detail to explain all the things that will never work… the things that in 2008 we use every day. Can you imagine how foolish it would be to declare limits, out of doubt and fear, on just how far this interconnected world can go?
The Case for Responsibility
A certain company, that I’m often proud to know quite well, has announced a new water heater, that if rolled out across the States, could eliminate the need for 30 Coal Power Plants. How could anyone argue with cleaner air, and a brighter sky?
And here’s a neat article that explains exactly what’s wrong with raising children in North America today.
The Case for Faith
Why is it that genuinely brilliant people, when they reach the height of their research, have to concede that someone had to have made us… had to have made the universe? Could it be that man is not really the result of a series of accidents?
Could it be that when we finally accept that we are not the beginning and the end, but rather the hand-made creation of a God who loves us, we finally find real joy?

2 thoughts on “Natural Anthem

  1. Europe and Asia have been using ‘on demand’ heaters for years, and although North Americans think they are evidence of a stunted technology, they are in fact superior to huge tanks of hot water sitting in your basement. We flip a switch when we step into the shower and the little heater warms the water as it runs through. We flip the heater off when we are done. We do the wash in cold water, which is better for your clothes anyway, and pay about ten dollars a month for hot water.

  2. Oh ya, I remember those. I gather they’re something of a luxury, actually. But then, its warm enough there that cold water isn’t that cold, and its usually welcome anyway!

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