A Job Well Done

So I’m making myself a pot of coffee this morning, and as I pull out the coffee filters, Benjamin runs over with his arm out, demanding one — one of whatever it is I’m having. So I take a paper filter for myself and hand him one to play with.
At first he’s not sure what to do with it. He carefully turns it around in his hands, inspecting all sides of it. Then he notices the tupperware cabinet beside him is open. His face lights up as the coffee filter becomes a piece of tupperware, and he carefully stacks it on top of the other plastic containers, and closes the door.
Suddenly, though, in mid close, it occurs to him that maybe it wasn’t tupperware after all. He flings the door back open, grabs the filter, and proceeds to scrub the floor with it. He does this for a minute or two, humming to himself as he cleans…
But then he has another idea! Perhaps it isn’t a scrub brush, either. Maybe its a cloth for wiping his face after he eats. So he picks it up and dabs his face with it, then reaches up to me to clean my face off too. Then he tosses the filter aside and waddles away…
Then jerks to a stop, turns around and runs back to it with a new idea! Perhaps its a wet wipe! So he picks it up and tries to reach around with his arm and wipe his bum with it!
Finally, having exhausted his known list of applications for similar looking devices, he drops it on the floor and walks away. A job well done.

3 thoughts on “A Job Well Done

  1. I know! His favorite “toys” are an old cell phone, an old remote control and an old telephone. He barely acknowledges the colorful plastic doo-dads any more!

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