My life is a stereo, how loud does it go? What songs do I know?

Yup, we’re buying a house.
Got approved for a pretty decent looking mortgage, optimized for a fast return, thanks to some tips from our friends Mark and Elisabeth.
Got a real estate agent looking for places we might be interested in, in a price range we’ve calculated that we can afford, thanks to some tips from our friends Chad and Jen.
Got a down payment, thanks to my parents.
Got a place to stay for a few months until we can close a deal, thanks to an old friend.
It’s gonna be a fun couple months back in Ontario, living out of boxes, but at the end of it, we’ll have our very own house. I can talk for hours about how I really have no objections at all to renting, but I have to admit, I am a little bit excited to have our own place that I can tinker with. I’m thinking home automation, solar cells, remote speakers, and a gigabit home network…

14 thoughts on “My life is a stereo, how loud does it go? What songs do I know?

  1. wow. that is super
    i cant believe it!
    you guys are like the american family
    except your canadian…
    send me a pic of your new home!
    and i know your both older than me
    but im so proud of you guys.
    <3 lots of love!

  2. And remind me again what it gets me. In 25 years of servitude to the bank, I’ll own a $220,000 asset. In 25 years of saving the extra money I have from renting, I could save $225,000 — and that’s assuming 0% interest. In 2 more years of renting, we’ll be completely debt free, and owe nothing to anyone, save for a monthly rent payment. And all that cash lends itself to plenty of options…
    I have to hope there are benefits to this that I’ll see in less than 25 years down the road. Right?

  3. What ever happened to my plans? What ever happened to the life I thought I had? (just had to finish the line… 🙂 )
    Mathematically, your numbers work out…. but the reality is that rent won’t stay the same price for that long…(it always goes up) and with the way real estate market works, what you but now at $220,000 won’t even get you close to the same thing (for the same price) 25 years from now…. but…that’s only based on what the past has shown us too……
    It’s not an easy decision, and it’s not supposed to be… that’s why its one of the biggest decisions in your life.

  4. I agree that a house will increase in value (as well as decrease at times, as the market goes up and down.) What I don’t know is if it will increase at a value that will exceed the cost of property taxes AND out-pace any other sort of investment that might give me better access to my money if we want to do something… Cause it also worries me that a real-estate investment must mature significantly before I can use it…

  5. ya but Jon, from a person who’s been renting for 6 years – me, paying rent is sort of throwing money away. you dont get anything back for it. somebody else profits off of half your paycheck and when it really comes down to it, you have nothing to show for it. no matter how much rent you pay or how long you pay it, you dont get anything in return. true, maybe you’ll be paying a mortage for 20 yrs – but you’re paying yourself cuz in the end you have your own house. its YOURS, which you can later profit from.

  6. You go girl! Now here’s the deal. Sauce for goose, as it were. You and Dave buy a house. We co-invest with you. Talking?

  7. Whoa Dad slow down haha! I must admit it crosses my mind occasionally, but we are really in no position, and Calgary right now is NOT a buyer’s market

  8. I gotta say Dad, that is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard from you. The idea of buying a house with my sister is just too creepy.

  9. renting we can get out of. and its working out surprisingly well. buying a home together? i think that makes us both spinsters

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