Earth Hour 2008

Here’s a pretty cool idea. On March 29th, at 8:00pm — your local time — turn out all your lights for one hour. Find something else to do: our favorite activity when the power goes out is to light candles and play board games, but it doesn’t really matter.
Last year this was done in Sydney, Australia and created a 10.2% energy reduction in the city. Imagine what a powerful symbol that could be if done world wide. Even McDonald’s is getting involved, turning off all of their Golden Arches for the hour.
Its only a symbol of course, but I think its worth the effort. Whether you “believe” in Global Warming and the eventual depletion of fossil fuels or not, its becoming pretty clear that we haven’t been terribly good stewards of this home God gave us. So we’re going to do it — we have two babies who’ll be in bed by that time, so its not like we’ll have anything else to do!
Check out the Earth Hour website for more information, and to sign-up to say you’re involved. And check out’s coverage — Canada is kicking butt at this!

5 thoughts on “Earth Hour 2008

  1. Ya there seems to be a lot of coverage on Earth Hour this year…my whole university is taking part in it by shutting everything down for the hour and running activities outside for the duration of that time. I think it’s a pretty cool concept!

  2. That’s awesome! We’d go outside, but Abi doesn’t have a snowsuit, and apparently even though its practically April, winter still wants to stick around and bury us in snow…

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