What a day!

This is Brooke, probably Nic’s best friend in all of New York. Brooke answered our 2:00am text message this morning, and she and Jason brought our little monster into their home around 3:00am and have taken care of everything since. They have a girl, just a few months younger than Ben, and the two of them are hilarious together — but definitely a handful!
They brought Ben by to visit us this evening so he could meet his little sister. Nic started crying when she saw him, which made him cry, but once he got over that he was pretty much indifferent to Abigail. She’ll whip him into shape soon enough.
And this is my family. This has been a quiet welcoming for Abigail. The video won’t be nearly as fancy as we no longer have the hook-ups and support we had when Ben was born. But that did free me up to experience everything a lot more. I’m exhausted — having not slept for more than 5 minutes since 2:00 this morning, and being fueled by adrenaline much of that time — but I am happy. In fact, I might just be the luckiest guy in the world…
New (higher quality) pictures coming in Flickr whenever it decides to refresh itself. Thank you again to everyone who sent some love via the comments. Its pretty cool that we have such a global community of friends who do support us. This was a big day for our family, and we’re so glad you could all be a part of it.

10 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. What a beautiful family!! Congrats to you both!! Nicole, from what i’ve been reading you did an amazing job bringing that little girl into your lives!! i hope that everyone is doing well and get lots of sleep now while you can because you officially have your hands full!! I’m wishing you all the best and i hope to see you soon!!
    Cassie 😛

  2. It is a real joy to see you all together as a family of four!
    Thank you Brooke – it is hard for us to be so far away but was made easier knowing that you guys are there supporting Jon and Nic

  3. awe! thanks mom and dad wise! your very welcome! we love jon and nicole… and are so glad to help. I cant imagine NOT helping right now. Nicole really helped me out alot with Livi over the summer and this is just a teeny bit of pay back.
    I will make sure they let me take ben to give them a break alot between now and when they leave.
    Livi and Ben are having so much fun! I will email you- Jon- pics from tonight! You are gonna die! LOL.
    have a super duper night!

  4. Wow!! Such an exciting time for you guys – I’m so happy to hear that you are all doing well. Abi looks great and I can’t wait to meet her!!
    Take good care of yourselves! xo

  5. That’s awesome guys! That’s a great little family you got there…The whole having a boy and then the girl this is awesome. I hope Nicole is recovering well…You guys are in our prayers.

  6. Congratulations. You have a beautiful family. Look forward to meeting everyone when you get moved back to Canada. I know how excited Pam & Adam are too have you moving home.
    Abi is adorable, have fun with her. I am sure Ben will be a wonderful and helpful big brother.
    Debbie Regier (Adams Mom)

  7. congrats guys!
    im so happy for you and i can’t wait to meet the newest addition to the family! nic you look great! eeee im so happy you guys will be home soon!!!! miss you take care and you already know this but, take advantage of any resting time you get!!!!!
    -love the chans xoxo

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