The ladies, they like to keep you waiting…

Here, let us entertain you with pictures of our first born, while #2 continues to hold our lives, and maybe soon our sanity, hostage…

4 thoughts on “The ladies, they like to keep you waiting…

  1. If she holds out for two weeks, I want to clarify that I was the first to vote that. Not sure if that is a good thing. 🙂
    If she doesn’t hold out that long, I didn’t vote, so don’t ask. LOL
    God knows when she’ll be there. Praying for you guys and looking forward to having you closer to home.

  2. At least be assured that you have a very cute first-born to keep you company while you await another!
    By the way, is there any chance of you changing the poll so that I can vote for Chad and I conceiving and delivering a baby before Abi is born?
    We have another set of friends in Kitchener who were due Friday and there has not been any action there either. Perhaps your spring babies are waiting for actual spring weather?

  3. @Bill: That’s ok, I’m starting to think 2 full weeks is the right answer.
    @Jen: I don’t know if she’ll stay in that long, but we’re wondering if our friend Libby might not have hers first…
    Alls I know is, when she finally comes out, she is SO grounded!

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