7 thoughts on “RIP Craptop

  1. Hey… I know it’s frustrating, but hang in there. Your baby girl knows exactly when she’s supposed to enter the world, and she’ll get here soon enough. Enjoy every moment… the years pass quickly.

  2. Okay really what did the craptop ever do to you!
    Stop stressing and enjoy your last few nights of uninteruppted sleep.
    it is kinda like when your at a restaurant waiting for your food. It comes as soon as someone goes to the bathroom. Try to stop thinking about it and she’ll come.

  3. Just for the record, the Craptop’s “accident” had very little to do with Abi’s non-arrival (although it did meet its tragic fate on the day Abi was due.)
    That was one small factor, among many, why last week was a horribly frustrating one. The death of the Craptop was also frustrating… but not as much as it was delightful.
    Unfortunately, its a corporate lease, and although it will likely require a new motherboard, case, screen and keyboard, it’ll probably be repaired and I’ll still be stuck with it until the lease expires in 2009…
    PS to those who voted for less than 3 days late: You lose. You have underestimated the stubbornness of our second child…

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