Nothing to see here. Move along.

As our friend Dave pointed out, we’re now sure that we’re having a girl — because she’s making everyone wait.
contractions.jpgThe official due date isn’t until Thursday… which really means that it could be another 2 weeks before she arrives (after 2 weeks past the due date, they’ll induce labor.) Nicole’s been having pretty regular bouts of contractions usually about 10-15 minutes apart — although “bouts” isn’t the right word because they last half the day, then mysteriously go away. We’ve stopped getting excited about those, but Nic still diligently writes them down, hoping for a pattern to emerge.
I’ve been working from home this week, hoping to be near-by when something starts happening. Really that just means that we’re both trapped in the house, scared to go anywhere. The cabin fever is setting in and we’re almost through every episode of Firefly and Jericho (another great show likely to be canceled before its time) so we’re starting to go a little crazy.
In short, absolutely nothing is happening, there’s nothing to read here, go about your business. We’ll post again when something happens — I already have the post saved as a Draft 😉

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